New business partner

We are happy to introduce Neometrik as a partner.

With their MoviNeo offer software, they are firmly anchored in the industry.

With the next update, you can contact us directly via the program.

We look forward to cooperation.


New pricing models

Basic variant: € 00,00 basic fee per month & € 29.50 agency fee
 +++ NEW +++
     Premium variant: € 50 basic fee per month & € 19.50 agency fee
     Platinum variant: € 195.00 basic fee & NO agency commission


Mölo 05.+06.09.2019

Hello folks, we will also visit Mölo this year and look forward to seeing familiar faces again and are curious what the fair has in store for great innovations.



Hello dear forwarder,
we welcome you to our site.
We want to make your daily work easier and are happy to support you with this portal.
Of course we are receptive for suggestions and improvement suggestions at any time.
We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.
Your - Team
PS: J´AMÖ 2019 Dresden - We are there! 



Hello, everyone,
finally the time has come! Our test phase has now arrived. Please tell us your opinion, hints and wishes.
We are looking forward to your suggestions.

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