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We do not specify a minimum invoice. It may be that individual providers specify minimum times. Especially in areas that are difficult to reach, this is conceivable from our experience. 

For our mediation, we charge a one-off Paulschale of € 29.50 per order. NO basic fees. Our service includes the search for appropriate partners. You get the contacts and don't have to worry about anything anymore. There are no hidden costs and only one item to calculate. If you are looking for several different services in one order, you only pay the fee once, of course.

+++ NEW +++

Premium version: € 50 monthly fee & € 19.50 agency fee

Platinum variant: € 195.00 basic fee & NO agency commission

Yes, of course, we have a broad spectrum of diverse contacts. From unloading aids to fitters, no stopping zones or IT specialists, for example, we can arrange everything for you. 

This portal is for companies only. Private persons cannot register here. 

Sure. Simply place an inquiry or write us an email. We have also in other countries contacts and these already successfully mediated.  

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