Terms & Conditions

General information

The following terms and conditions will be fully accepted by the customer when placing an order or are the basis for a cooperation between Junu international GmbH operator of the portal "ENTLADEHILFEN.com" (hereinafter referred to as ENTLADEHILFEN.com) and the respective contractual partner (customer = contractor and client).

Divergent conditions of the customer are not recognized, unless the offerer agrees their validity expressly in writing.

Registration with ENTLADEHILFEN.com is directed exclusively at entrepreneurs within the meaning of § 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB). With the registration, the customer confirms that he concludes the contract in the exercise of his commercial or self-employed professional activity.  The German version is the basis for any disputes concerning the General Terms and Conditions.

scope of performance 

The provider will endeavour to offer the service as uninterruptedly as possible. Even with all due care, downtimes cannot be excluded in which the web servers are not accessible via the Internet due to technical or other problems beyond the control of the provider (fault of third parties, force majeure, attacks against the infrastructure by hackers, etc.). The customer acknowledges that 100% availability of the website is not technically feasible.

The provider merely offers the customer an internet platform and technical applications to enable general contact with other registered customers ("client and contractor"). The provider is not involved in the content of the communication. It is also not involved in any contracts that the customers conclude with each other. The customers are solely responsible for the execution and fulfilment of the contracts concluded with each other. A liability for breaches of duty due to these contracts on the part of the provider is excluded.

ENTLADEHILFEN.com cannot accept any liability for the reliability, quality and any damage caused by the commissioned forwarding agents. 

The liability of ENTLADEHILFEN.com, for whatever legal reason, is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

The user or the author himself is liable for the content of his information contents and evaluations (text, image, sound, design, etc.) and for all information contained therein and for any legal consequences resulting from these. It is the sole responsibility of the user to check and clarify any competition, trademark, copyright or naming rights issues before submitting his declarations. In the event of claims by third parties, the user is solely liable and undertakes to indemnify ENTLADEHILFEN.com against claims, costs and claims for damages by third parties, including any claims for damages asserted by third parties.including legal costs.

If ENTLADEHILFEN.com is informed of any possibly illegal content by a concrete and justified notification, ENTLADEHILFEN.com will follow up this notification and, if necessary, delete the entry or take further steps.

In the event that the customer's profile is deleted or blocked before the end of the agreed period, payments already made will not be refunded due to circumstances for which the customer is responsible or for which the user is responsible.

The registration of the portal is basically free of charge. For a fee, users can acquire orders for processing and certain additional services for better use of the portal and to expand their own profile in accordance with the current price and service list. The termination of such contracts must be in writing or by email to ENTLADEHILFEN.com and must be received no later than 3 months before the end of the contract period ENTLADEHILFEN.com.

User profile and registration

  1. In order to use the brokerage services of the platform, the user must register by providing the necessary master data.
  2. Master data may only be set up by and for natural persons with unlimited legal capacity or by and for legal entities.
  3. There is no right to admission of a user against ENTLADEHILFEN.com; ENTLADEHILFEN.com reserves the right either not to admit users or to delete the master data or profiles of admitted users without giving reasons.
  4. All data must be truthful and complete and must be kept up to date by the user at all times. Every user has the possibility to edit his master data or his profile.
  5. ENTLADEHILFEN.com has no possibility to check the data provided by users and therefore assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and/or completeness of user data; the user himself has to check this. This information represents information of the persons responsible in each case for it, which adjust these and not around contents of ENTLADEHILFEN.com, which does not make itself these information and contents also not own. ENTLADEHILFEN.com shall only be liable for information and content posted by third parties if it has gained knowledge of such information and content.
  6. ENTLADEHILFEN.com investigates justified complaints and, if necessary, remedies them. This is not transferable to third parties and each user may only maintain one profile.
  7. ENTLADEHILFEN.com is entitled to partially, completely or permanently exclude users from use or to block profiles of users. A blocked user is prohibited from creating a new profile.

Storage of the contract text / contract language

The supplier stores only data concerning 

  •    the order of the client, 
  •    the acceptance of the order by the contractor (conclusion of the contract) 
  •    of these terms and conditions. 

The contract language is German, the place of jurisdiction is Mainz. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. 

Assignment of third parties 

ENTLADEHILFEN.com may commission other service providers to process your order. 

Order processing and cancellation

ENTLADEHILFEN.com merely mediates between the client and the contractor and is not a party to the mediated contractual relationship. The processing of the contractual relationship, including any disputes, e.g. with regard to the quality of the service provided or with regard to the fulfilment of alleged claims, is not part of the performance of the user contract between the user and ENTLADEHILFEN.COM. Any disputes relating to the order shall be settled between the Contractor and the Customer.


The Client shall describe the content of the tendered contract as fully and precisely as possible in order to enable the Contractor to calculate the cost of the contract.

 It is forbidden to act as a client in order to advertise one's own services or those of third parties within the framework of a tender or the sending of messages.


  1.    After the end of the bidding period, the Customer is free to choose whom he wishes to place the order with; he is not bound by any particular contractor, the lowest bid or the like.
  2.    If tenders, master data or participating profiles are deleted before the end of the bidding period, the order or bid concerned shall be deemed not to have been placed.
  3.    The content of his information, offers, tenders etc. is written by the user himself, ENTLADEHILFEN.com does not carry out any editorial tasks and does not edit any texts of the user. The information provided is exclusively that of the author. ENTLADEHILFEN.com has no knowledge of them and does not adopt them as its own.
  4.    It is the exclusive responsibility of the user to ensure that his information is legally harmless; ENTLADEHILFEN.com has no obligation to act. In principle, the following are prohibited: the placement of information content with insulting, threatening, violence glorifying, racist or sexually offensive content and content that encourages the use of harmful substances (in the sense of the Medicines and Narcotics Act). It is also forbidden to post religious and political information that offends the feelings of those who take a different religious or political stance. ENTLADEHILFEN.COM reserves the right to remove entries that disseminate immoral content or violate applicable laws and legal norms.

Confirmation of an order 

ENTLADEHILFEN.com is obliged to confirm each order in writing. The confirmation will be sent by e-mail. Only after sending the confirmation, the order is considered accepted.

The contact details of both parties will be sent by e-mail at the latest on the day before the order is placed. 

Obligations after order processing for the contractor 

After completion of the order, the contractor shall bear the costs. The invoice must be paid within 10 days by bank transfer or SEPA direct debit.


Confirmed orders that have a remaining term of 14 days and are cancelled. If a toll freight of 50,00€ net is to be paid to the operator of the portal.  

Confirmed orders which have a remaining term of 7 days and are cancelled, a toll freight of 100,00€ net is to be paid to the operator of the portal.

Confirmed orders that have a remaining term of 2 days and are cancelled, a toll freight of 150,00€ net is to be paid to the operator of the portal. 

It is pointed out that the right of revocation expires prematurely and a revocation is excluded if the contractor has begun with the execution of the service according to the usage contract with the express consent of the customer before the end of the revocation period or has initiated this execution himself. 

This right of revocation refers exclusively to the relationship between ENTLADEHILFEN.COM and the user and not to the relationship between the customer and the contractor; other legal or contractual possibilities of revocation remain unaffected by this.


Customers can enter valuations for other customers with whom you have worked; the following points in particular should be taken into account when valuating:

  1. The ratings must be written objectively in accordance with the principle of fairness and must not contain any illegal, offensive, abusive or criminal content. Ratings that violate this will not be published or deleted. ENTLADEHILFEN.com reserves the right to report any violations and to take legal action against the participant. The evaluations always represent statements of the author and no statements of the portal ENTLADEHILFEN.COM.
  2. An improper accumulation of ratings, self-rating or any other form of influencing the rating system is prohibited.
  3. By sending the evaluation, the user grants ENTLADEHILFEN.COM the spatially and temporally unlimited rights to all possibly existing rights to his evaluation text (copyright, right of use, other industrial property rights).
  4. ENTLADEHILFEN.com is entitled to freely dispose of the evaluation, to process and use it, in particular for further evaluation services, and to publish it in any form. The user declares to be the owner or entitled person of all brand names and other property rights used, as well as to have the right to use them. 

Opposing right

If any service contained in this website is contrary to any law, such regulations or laws shall prevail. If any provision of these Terms shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

Terms of use

  1. The platform may only be used in accordance with legal regulations and these General Terms and Conditions.
  2. This applies in particular to the content and type of orders placed, as well as to their type of fulfilment, the existence of personal and material prerequisites for the fulfilment, submission and content of evaluations or statements etc.. DELADEHILFEN.COM points out that appropriate qualifications, permits, approvals or similar may be required for the provision of individual services.
  3. In individual cases, ENTLADEHILFEN.com does not assume any responsibility for verifying the existence of corresponding prerequisites for the performance of such activities; the users who perform such activities or wish to commission such activities are responsible for independently verifying the existence of the necessary prerequisites.
  4. Activities or services which individually or in connection with other activities violate legal prohibitions or official instructions are prohibited, in particular the legal provisions for the prevention of undeclared work.
  5. It is forbidden to bid on one's own job advertisements either oneself or through a commissioned person.
  6. It is also prohibited to advertise one's own Internet services or third-party Internet services.
  7. ENTLADEHILFEN.COM is entitled at any time without giving reasons to block the admission of users in whole or in part or to delete offers and tenders in whole or in part.
  8. ENTLADEHILFEN.com is entitled to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time without giving reasons. ENTLADEHILFEN.com will inform the user of the change by e-mail. Users may object to the validity of the amended General Terms and Conditions within 4 weeks of receipt of the notification of amendment. In this case, ENTLADEHILFEN.COM has the option of either continuing the validity of the General Terms and Conditions valid at the time the contract is concluded or terminating the contractual relationship. If the User does not object in due time, the amended General Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to have been agreed from the outset.

Third-party services

ENTLADEHILFEN.com transmits the data transmitted by the customer such as company name, address, contact details, etc. to various portals. ENTLADEHILFEN.com is entitled to transfer or make available the contents and personal data provided by the customer to the product partners. ENTLADEHILFEN.com is also entitled, in order to comply with the guidelines of these portals, to adapt the company name and other data and materials of the customer in accordance with the guidelines. The customer authorizes ENTLADEHILFEN.com and its product partner to act on his behalf vis-à-vis the portals for the purpose of transmitting and publishing the data. 

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